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Post by Isozer M.G. on Mon 13 Feb - 8:40:43

As most forums do, we have standards here at Dimuco. We do not ask fer much, but here is the list of what we need you to follow:

Do not spam the forums.
Please respect other forumers and admins.
Posting WIP projects is unnecessary, unless yer updating the post as you go along.
Don't scroll down.
No pornographic imagery or excessive gore.
Don't be stupid; do not post horrible music if you don't want to be judged. (some exceptions)
If it exists, it can be pirated.
If it exists, there will be a story about it.
If it exists, it has been genderbent.
If it exists, there is someone who says it doesn’t.
If it’s a song, there is a nightcore remix.
Don't touch that stereo.
It's funny to pick on people's grammar no matter how good it is.
4chan isn’t funny anymore. No exceptions.

More rules to be added; by posting on this forum you agree to these terms and conditions.
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